Saturday, January 6, 2018

Emoji Stories

My company uses an instant messaging program that allows users to put an emoji next to their name. I noticed that one of our editors changed his every day for several days, so I asked if he had been telling a story. He hadn't been, so I started to.

I keep a list, and when I have both time and inspiration, I write a little scene incorporating those emoji in the order they appeared.

This is the first one:

black joker, new moon, saxophone, chicken, piggy

Black Joker never removes his garish jingly hat. He wanders around the starlit barnyard, barely seen under the new moon.
He plays a somber, keening tune on the saxophone, a request without words for a volunteer. Chicken does not meet his eyes, she remembers last time a little too vividly. Piggy is skeptical, but seems drawn to the music. Could this be the chance for adventure he’s always wanted?

I put the whole collection on Imgur.
(Click the image to go to the album on Imgur, where they will appear large enough to read)

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