Sunday, May 22, 2016

Peacock Wedding Invitation Suite

Last summer I designed and produced the invitation suite for my cousin's peacock-themed wedding.

We started with the invitation.
Below are possible concepts, the one on the far left was chosen.
Border photo by Rose Mendoza, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

 From there, I visited local art supply stores and found some paper that complemented the color scheme and used that to make custom petal fold envelopes.

Ribbons in teal/blue/purple/green were chosen to add accent colors, along with gold string and iridescent beads.

Peacock feathers were ordered in bulk.

Many, many hours were spent tying beads on gold string in just the right places so all eight would be visible on either side of the bow on the front of the envelopes and tying multiple lengths of satin ribbon in careful bows.

RSVP cards with a different peacock photo, but keeping with the photo block motif.

Possible program cover designs (center was chosen):

Printed, cropped, folded, embellished, tied, and ready to mail.

Thank You notes:

Total time appx. 70 hours, half of which was the beads on gold string and satin ribbon around the petal fold envelopes.